Are Foreign TVs destroying our culture?

Who can guess? Foreign TV shows have become a daily part of our lives. Our general youth is inclined daily to watch those shows for hours. There are few youngsters visible who like to speak in their mother tongue. These TV shows are sort of dimnishing our culture. There’s a mistake in denying the fact… Continue reading Are Foreign TVs destroying our culture?

Bound by the Material Earthling laws? / Wabi-Sabi concept

Are you bould by the laws created by Earthlings? The past ones foremost who have been glorifed and been praised for what they’ve left for us. In this glorification, I believe everyone requires an environment in which they feel comfortable maybe more trusted and open. These laws really shape our way of living. Our minds… Continue reading Bound by the Material Earthling laws? / Wabi-Sabi concept

Inner Strive

Thank God! Corona is gone. Now we can actively focus on our lives. We can get back on our daily routines. Some might have those workaholic lives (working from 9 to 5) & some might be working on themselves or crafting their own business skills. In this period of two years, there is a deep… Continue reading Inner Strive

I’m biased

I’m biased? No sir. What makes you say that? Well… yes sir. You are. It’s just that it shouldn’t be given too much importance or priority. Or it shouldn’t be much marginalized. Being biased is not a bad thing. It’s not bad at all. It’s simple psychology. We have potential to understand what other people… Continue reading I’m biased

Visible Changes in Adulthood

Through the course of our developmental mind, the humankind has learned about the middle adulthood. It is the phase or time frame ranging from 20 to 40 years. It begins from 45 and may go beyond 65. With the time passing by, many changes become visible in the human body. Researchers have found that with… Continue reading Visible Changes in Adulthood

Advantages of Exercise

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Exercise. Some may feel stressed or delighted after listening that word. It is this word, which causes us to go running, and thinking sports. Everybody wants stable abs, stable muscles, a wide back and strong legs. But don’t you think just being more fit could work rather than working on your muscle theory. Exercising every… Continue reading Advantages of Exercise

Shaheed Diwas – 23rd March

Today is 23rd March. This day is known as Shaheed Diwas because of the reason behind the three freedom fighters who gave their lives for India’s freedom from the British Rule in the 1900s. They were the three fighters who made a revolution which is a superiorly hard task to make for a common man.… Continue reading Shaheed Diwas – 23rd March

3 Simple Things That Can Bring Joy Into Your Life.

A lot of people might think that you need to achieve your goals and dreams in order to feel happiness but I personally think that you can experience the peak of happiness during your everyday life when doing small & simple things. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some simple things that… Continue reading 3 Simple Things That Can Bring Joy Into Your Life.

Chocolatey Legs

In the 22nd century, there was robot uprising which turned into robotic guilds and clans. A caste system was only required. A caste system fit for their purpose. A system which could dismantle the robot in a shock if robot refuses to obey on it’s rules. The system was made but, it was made by… Continue reading Chocolatey Legs

Thrill of Anonymity & Brave Browser

An anonymous shape

Ever felt that thrill of anonymity leading you to a small world of darkness. Some of the This tendency leads to some odd consequences which may become a handfull for anyone. Well, what exactly does odd means? Odd is differently rendered by every person. It does differ for someone who are binded by societal laws… Continue reading Thrill of Anonymity & Brave Browser

Intro to Extro to Ambi or Flowvert

A river

As we develop through our difficulties, breakdowns, and converting a worried life into a worriless life. Those experiences and adventures show us who we are. What we have become in these years. I also observed a new change in people which probably have been observed as commonly as me. It’s the introversion to extraversion conversion… Continue reading Intro to Extro to Ambi or Flowvert

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Adhesive Hard Times

The things below are all fictitious, try these things under an adult’s supervision who may tell if you need those, or you’ll yell at me or something. (: An emotional hard time. It’s a time any event, a particle, a thing, or anyone could easily give you. Well… after it gives you, everything you see,… Continue reading Adhesive Hard Times

Mirror / Blank

Mirror. An essential, shining part of our life. It shows our physical and mental base. It never discloses its unimaginable powers. It kept me thinking, the mirror shows us our inner hidden willpower. It also turns our negative side into an optimistic one. There is a hidden mistake, a hidden apology, a hidden grudge, a… Continue reading Mirror / Blank

Army of the Dead – III

Two Days Back Her calming eyes and mumbled voice were describing an unknown fear, she eagerly wished to say. Stunned with mouth dry and cold, she said, ‘It’s so cold, a frosted nightmare.’ An introverted person and her long hair was house of lice. It became essential to condemn that lice house to death by… Continue reading Army of the Dead – III


Disclaimer: These are just some words. Please don’t take it seriously as it’s written just for fun. A very simple or very complicated word is habit. We have different habits. Some people have capacity to change themselves, their lives. Whereas, some can’t handle those new habits which become a part of their life. They try… Continue reading Habit

Starting Days

In the starting days, I was nothing. After 10th exams, when I left my Punjab residence, it was a beautiful world which I left. I don’t remember how my first days of Mumbai were. Normally, I recall playing computer games, downloading movies and filling data. Writing a story, or just writing some thing, was intriguing… Continue reading Starting Days


Companies. There are numerous companies. There are of several types. Like of dry fruits, pens, processers, wires, etc. Have you ever tried counting each one? It’s silly but if you start today, it will take more than a day to count Indian companies. If you search on Google, it’ll show only listed companies which have… Continue reading Business

Is it never – ending?, – the Pandemic

“Hello, Nice to meet you.” That’s how we greet, Right? Hugs and handshakes. New ways of greeting are like joining hands (Namaste), elbow striking, virtual hugging is today’s greeting fashion. We love being empathetic, learning and understanding other’s perspective. Also try empathy and understand their story. I try to do that when I can’t visualize… Continue reading Is it never – ending?, – the Pandemic

Locus of Control

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An important aspect of our personality is the locus of control. It’s like how we perceive the events happened in our life. Like, every human’s life is filled with events in which he had goals, setbacks and achievements. If the person’s belief is that if the world is responsible for the events happened in his… Continue reading Locus of Control

Three Phases of Infection

Covid-19 virus. The dangerous and deadly. Scientists say there are three phases of virus. The phase one is the early infection stage, in which the virus confuses the human body and causes mild symptoms may be confused with flu or common cold. Remidisivir was greatly used in this phase. The phase two is the pulmonary… Continue reading Three Phases of Infection

Food/Beauty – Cravings

We are one hell of craving people. Some are of food and some of the beauty. Food cravings are more in high carbs which are blamed. Like chocolate chips, ice creams, macaroni, and cheese. Food cravings actually mean an intense desire for food. It can be specific or in some cases, it can be any… Continue reading Food/Beauty – Cravings

Disturbances / Trigger Warning

There are some things which upset us. They trigger some chemicals inside our brains which bobble with anger and depressive thoughts. We ignore the world and want solitude. In that world, there is one person to whom we share stuff – Ourselves. This cleans our mind and reduces frustration. I recommend you to read Neil… Continue reading Disturbances / Trigger Warning

Turning turbulence to peaceful times with calming environments

Laughing on some Instagram reels, made me realised that distractions so easily get bonded with our circular brains. Reels. Every kid is so obsessed with reels, it’s hard to distract their undivided attention from the screens. With God’s grace, I am aware of my distraction zones which helps me to get in the moment and focused… Continue reading Turning turbulence to peaceful times with calming environments

A frog face beside me

I was telling about my mother’s close friend’s experiences on psychology to a frog faced girl who picked up her mental speed excitedly and said that she’ll ask him this one question – “Why are we human?” She exclaimed to me, “I wanna be an owl.” She wore Harry’s goggles with his tiny forehead filled… Continue reading A frog face beside me

Book Ideas

I literally started when my father bought a video course on Udemy. There were two women, Jessica and Joanne who write and have successfully published fantasy and fiction novels before. Now, self – publishing is easier than finding publishers and begging them to publish our books. I learned from the videos about writing prompts which… Continue reading Book Ideas

The interest to read after I began writing.

I never liked reading novels or short stories, etc. Until… When I wrote the first few pages of a story, that happiness was so much that I couldn’t handle it. Why? Because I rarely read stories and had never tried to imagine the characters immersed in a story. The fantasy imagining power flowed inside me… Continue reading The interest to read after I began writing.

Ashok Vada Pav and Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

Mornings start with this view and my day goes on. The empty swimming pool when seen from here fills our heart with delight. Beside the pool, is the famous Vrindavan restaurant having different feasts to enjoy. The huge buildings seen are the Dosti houses. There are 14 floors. I live in the 11th floor of… Continue reading Ashok Vada Pav and Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

21st Jan

Now I was really confused showing my writing journey or my today’s day. I believe you might prefer today’s day. It’s ok if you prefer another, I’ll be posting that too very soon. Today I woke up exactly at 7:45 and quickly freshened up for my first lecture of Ancient Indian Culture. That subject seemed… Continue reading 21st Jan

My Journal – 1

Just 17 now, turning 18 next month. Please wish me a Happy Birthday on 26th Feb. Having a great craze of writing and imagining fantasy is what I normally do. That’s my daily task. I continuously imagine and also try brainstorming an idea if coming to mind. Few months back, I didn’t like writing much.… Continue reading My Journal – 1

The Question – III

The girl felt forced in a deep sense of shock. Her breath and heartbeat grew rapidly. She couldn’t speak for a few moments. It was unbelievable for her, a kind of new experience she ever had. No tears came out still. How’ll I cut? There’s just grass and chair, She thought. “One question.” She whispered.… Continue reading The Question – III

The Question – II

Matt? Hello? Can you hear me? WAKE UP! TALK TO ME! “It’s just an image, I took from satellite. So here’s it, your maternal uncle lies you everyday about his advertising business in Canada, in reality he hideously lives in the outskirts of Canada with an altered name. He cares so much about his poor… Continue reading The Question – II

My !st Blog abt CREATIVE COMMONS feature

It was a normal evening. Nothing unusual. Two helmets kept on living room’s stylish wooden teapoy in front of a big sofa on which I sat cross-legged. Usually my days over having the same heartbeat every day. Like Kabir says,” Everyday should be so marvelous that I sense my heartbeat becomes audible. Ohh my! Actually… Continue reading My !st Blog abt CREATIVE COMMONS feature

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